His character was golden and the only reason to watch that train wreck

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Apparently my free upgrade wasn’t applied to my new phone. I was charged $100 more than I was told (maybe i misheard the guy), the rebate was not applied and I sent that in when I was told to, and now I can’t afford to go home this weekend and I’m so upset right now

all this over a stupid dumb phone. I don’t use smart phones because I want it to be cheaper. 


Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

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life hack

what in gods name

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

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#while bbc sherlock is at the stage where sherlock and john are finally discovering their love for each other #the movies have flown straight past flirting and into husband land

Interviewer: Tell us about your relationship with Robert Downey Jr on set.
Jude Law: Oh, I love him. I love him.
Interviewer: Yeah? You had a bit of a bromance going on there.
Jude Law: What is this new term everyone is using?
Interviewer: Bromance?
Jude Law: Oh, it’s a horrible term. What about just a romance?
Interviewer: No, it’s not the same.
Jude Law: Why not? Why?
Interviewer: Cause then you’d have to star in a romantic comedy together or something.
Jude Law: We just have. Have you not seen it? [x]

Jude Law does not have time for any of that ‘No Homo’ bullshit…

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I acquired a cupcake. I feel better now

not really cause it wasn’t that great of a cupcake


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I acquired a cupcake. I feel better now